01 Project Overview

It is impossible to judge someone within a couple of seconds, based on few pictures and a cheesy bio, like in the case of 99% of meeting and dating apps. Step out of the rut of mainstream virtual communication on social media networks and engage in real connections with BLIND MEET. Our app is a safe space for networking and meeting new people near your vicinity, without having to shift around much of your time. This app is mighty useful for people who battle social awkwardness on a daily basis and helps experience the joy of spending quality time with a person who shares similar tastes and quirks as yourself. Keep up to speed by networking, 21st century style, with BLIND MEET.


April 2021






iOS & Android,



02 Description

Safe, Genuine, Speedy and Exciting Meets. SPEED: Say the magic word, and we offer speedy meet ups with people of your handpicked preferences! SAFETY: Location of meet up will be a public popular place. Your safety is our first priority. GENUINE: Fakers can fake elsewhere. Our app provides you a space for real interactions with genuine people. Ready Set Go: Hit the 'Nearby' option to hang out with somebody at any time of the day! You are never alone in this world.

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