01 Project Overview

Bwow is an app for fitness enthusiasts , fitness professionals and also fitness businesses to get connected with each other and make the world a better and healthier place to live in. Bwow is a great new social media app for fitness that sends 100% of what you share to those that follow you. Most social media apps only send what you share to a small percent of your followers. We send 100% of what you share – and you get everything from people you follow! Bwow is a platfrom where you can check out your favourite professional's latest workout routines and nutrition programs and connect with them to get your fitness transformation started. Bwow is an app where you can check your body requirements , share your progress with your friends and coaches , upload your latest workout videos & nutrition strategies to get shredded and help your friends!


April 2021




Mobile App,

Payment Gateway,

WebRTC AgoraKit,


The Blind Meet.