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Love trivia quiz games? Then you’ll love #Take10Trivia! Take10 is a free, #funtriviagame that allows you to win cash and prizes with your #triviaknowledge. Are you sharp enough to answer fun trivia questions about art, entertainment, music, science, sports, history, and general knowledge? How fast can you answer before the clock runs out? Unlike any other #triviagame, Take10 pays cash and prizes when you answer all of the questions in the game correctly. With the best trivia categories to choose from and unlimited playtime, Take 10 is the #besttriviaapp to win money! On the plus side, you don’t have to be a genius to play Take10. Anyone can play and win! It’s an addictive game that will make you never leave your couch or wherever you play it!


December 2021






iOS & Android,



The Blind Meet.